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BIOUNCERTAINTY - ERC Starting Grant no. 805498

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Statistical victims, normative uncertainty, blind chance: ethics and decisions making under risk or uncertainty

A research project no. 2015/17/B/HS1/02279 funded by the National Science Centre in Poland (Opus 9); 1 February 2016 – 31 January 2020; Principal Investigator: Dr Tomasz Żuradzki.



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J.K. Malinowska, T. Żuradzki (under review), Race in biomedical research: the fair selection of participants for medical research and the ethics of constructing reference classes


T. Żuradzki, The cognitive mechanisms of science denial – the case of vaccination (in Polish) – the conference „The norvative issues in vaccination refusals ”, Jagiellonian University, 2 December 2017

T. Żuradzki, Conscientious objection in a democratic state – conference Atheism in Poland, Faculty “Artes Liberales”, Warsaw University, 26-27 May 2017

T. Żuradzki, The just distribution of healthcare resources and the preference toward identified victims – conference Designing Moral Technologies: Theoretical, Practical, and Ethical Issues, Universität Zürich, Ethik-Zentrum, Ascona 10-15 July 2016