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Assistant researcher

Vilius Dranseika

Vilius Dranseika

personal website:
Google Scholar profile: >>>

Institute of Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics
Jagiellonian University

address: ul. Grodzka 52, p. 21, 31-044 Kraków

My research is focused on psychological underpinnings of philosophical concepts and theories. Recently, main themes of my work are personal identity, beginning and end of life, and memory. I hold MA in Philosophy from Vilnius University, Lithuania. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Centre for Philosophy of Memory, Genoble Alpes University, France. In my thesis at Grenoble (supervised by prof. Kourken Michaelian), I apply the methods of experimental philosophy to issues in philosophy of personal identity and memory.
I edit Experimental Philosophy: Persons on philpapers.

Recent (2020-now) publications:

Michaelian K., Dranseika V., Álvarez J. (Forthcoming). Experimental philosophy of memory. Acta Scientiarum. Human and Social Sciences.

Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Memory as evidence of personal identity. A study on reincarnation beliefs. In: K. Tobia (ed.) Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Identity and the Self. Bloomsbury.

Mikalonytė E. S., Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). The role of teleological thinking in judgments of persistence of musical works. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.

Dranseika V., McCarroll Ch., Michaelian K. (2021). Are observer memories (accurate) memories? Insights from experimental philosophyConsciousness and Cognition. 96: 103240.

Hannikainen I., Tobia K., de Almeida G., Donelson R., Dranseika V. et al. (2021). Are there cross-cultural legal principles? Modal reasoning uncovers procedural constraints on law. Cognitive Science. 45(8): e13024.

Piasecki J., Żarek-Walkiewicz E., Figas-Skrzypulec J., Kordecka A., Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Ethical issues in biomedical research using electronic health records: A systematic review. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.

Earp B., Lewis J., Dranseika V., Hannikainen I. (Forthcoming). Experimental philosophical bioethics and normative inferenceTheoretical Medicine & Bioethics.

Berniūnas R., Silius V., Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Moralization East and West: Moralizing different transgressions among Chinese, Americans and Lithuanians. Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

Lin Y.-T., Dranseika V., (Forthcoming). The variety and limits of self-experience and identification in imagination. Synthese.

Piasecki J., Dranseika V. (2021). Balancing professional obligations and risks to providers in learning healthcare systemsJournal of Medical Ethics. 47: 413–416

Cova F., Strickland B., Abatista A., … Dranseika V., … et al. (2021). Estimating the reproducibility of experimental philosophy. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. 12: 9–44.

Dranseika V.. (2021). Authenticity, self-defining memories, and the direction of changeAJOB Neuroscience. 12(1): 48–49.

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Mikalonytė E.S., Dranseika V. (2020). Intuitions on the individuation of musical works. An empirical studyThe British Journal of Aesthetics. 60(3): 253–282.

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Berniūnas R., Dranseika V., Tserendamba D. (2020). Between Karma and Buddha: Prosocial behavior among Mongolians in an anonymous economic gameThe International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. 30(2): 142–160.

Dranseika V. (2020). False memories and quasi-memories are memories. In: T. Lombrozo, S. Nichols and J. Knobe (eds.). Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Vol. 3. 175–188

Dranseika V., Dagys J., Berniunas R. (2020). Proper names, rigidity, and empirical studies on judgments of identity across transformationsTopoi. 39(2): 381–388.

Dranseika V., Piasecki J. (2020). Transparent defaults and consent for participation in a learning healthcare system. An empirical studyJournal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. 15(4): 261–270.